Panel topení z Accorda EN

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Panel topení z Accorda EN

Příspěvekod Redy » 18 led 2010 09:05

Našel jsem návod na výměnu panelu topení z Accorda 90-93 za CRX s klimatizací :) Je v angličtině, ale třeba se někomu bude hodit :) Návod je použit z webu, autor: NozHayr

SWAP panelu topení z Accorda 90-93

Broken climate controls are a way of life for most CRX owners. I'm not a fan of the faceplates available to patch up the crumbling CRX controls, so I figured I needed to find a way to swap in a more solid and better looking (IMO) piece.

There is a crude wiring diagram at the bottom of this post.

Here is how I swapped the old broken CRX CC for a the '92 Accord unit.

1) various common hand tools: screw drivers, 8mm (glove box) and 10mm sockets, pliers, etc.
2) wire strippers
3) drill motor with sanding disk
4) JB Weld
5) Time and patience.

Credits: has long published a PDF on how to do this mod. The wiring details on the first page are dead on and work perfectly. I'm not sure who did that writeup, but kudos to the author.
Members KUPOP and CYPRESSDOWNS both sent me plugs and wires and are both GOOD SELLERS!! Thanks guys!

Here is my old clunky stock control:

I bought this '92 Accord unit from a guy on CL for $50

I'm not going to go into too much detail about removing and installing, just focusing on the wiring and mixer cables and mods to the control itself.
Unscrew everything:

Take the glove box out:

Move the stereo unit aside and hammer out the old control:

Here is the Accord fan switch plug for visual reference:

Here is the Accord "green" plug for visual reference:

This is the CRX harness for reference:

Being that the Accord controls are more plentiful, and the CRX controls are rare, I opted to clip the plugs off the CRX harness as I figured I'd not ever be going back and re-installing another CRX control.
I first wired up everything, and tested to make sure it worked, and then soldered/shrink wrapped the connections.
If you ever plan on re-installing your old CRX control, you may want to use connectors instead of hard wiring:
Wiring the fan switch. Most all of the wires are the same color, the blue/red wire on the accord plug (5th speed) is not used:

During testing I found that my light circuit for the control knobs did not work. I had to clip the wires off the bulb and hard wire them to the CRX harness. The light wires are the red and red/blk wires. You will almost certainly be able to just connect the red, red/blk wires as shown here:

There is some confusion as to wiring the grn/red and grn/wht recirculation/fresh air connections. The grn/red and grn/wht MATCH between the Accord and CRX. Therefore:
Accord grn/red is attached to the grn/red CRX wire.
Accord grn/wht is attached to the grn/wht CRX wire.
I tried both and visually verified that the operation was correct.

One thing of note is that there are TWO grn/wht wires coming out of the CRX harness. One goes to the recirculation switch and the other to the floor/vent control. If you get them criss-crossed like I did, no big whoop, the world does not end. The recirculation vent just goes into a never ending continuous open and close cycle until you press the fresh air button. If this happens, just switch the grn/wht wires as seen in the diagram at the bottom of this page.

I agonized for days on how to solve the mixer cable dilemma. I concluded that the easiest way is to mate the CRX mixer to the Accord control. So, before you throw out that old CRX climate control, take off the mixer because it may be of use someday.

Take your WMD's and remove the bosses that the Accord mixer screws into. My light circuit was FUBAR so I clipped the light bulb wires as seen here. YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO:

Use your drill/sanding disk to sand the bosses flat:

In order for the Accord knob to fit, you'll have to sand a flat on the CRX mixer shaft. Be advised that even after doing this, one of the tongs on the shaft broke and I ended up JB Welding the Accord knob on:

Glued on:



Another view of the assembly:



OK, here's where it gets tricky. You have to re-route the mixer cables OVER the top of the console bulkhead or else your cables will bind. I didn't realize this until after disconnecting the heater valve cable, which makes the mixer operation much easier. It may well be possible to connect both cables without binding, if routed OVER the console bulkhead. Somebody should try this.
I guess I'll just reach down in back of the intake mani and switch the valve on when winter comes (which is rare here in Arizona).




If you grind all the mounting tabs off the Accord unit, it's very easy to take in and out of the console area. I ended up using a combination of silicone and tie wraps to secure the unit.




Note: blk/yel on CRX goes to yel/blk on Accord plug FYI.

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